Lightweight front page design

Because who really wants to wait any longer than a second for load times?

ShadowICT's main web page has been completely redesigned to provide the general public with information regarding our operations without needing to wait for complicated scripts to load our content.

With the front page upgrade, we've completely revamped our community website to be a full fledged communication system, as well as collaboration.


ShadowICT Hosting

You bet your sweet.. nevermind.

ShadowICT Hosting Operations have been established, and will be released for public use Q4 2018.


Improved SSO

We hate multiple logins, too.

We've redone our auth proceedures and kept security in mind. Considering the numerous ShadowICT divisions, they are now automatically granted their proper permissions upon approval to join the staff team. Logins will eventually be centralized and work on all services. Meaning the community website, IRC, SSH/E-Mail and everything in between.


The Other Stuff

What else have we changed?

Improved Statistical Outputs

Where applicable, the more you know about what's going on, the better. We're improving status pages, statistical outputs and everything in between to provide our community with live time updates with as much detail as possible.

Community Upgrade

We made our community forums much better to look at, and added metric tons of additional functionality.

Constant Experimentation and Development

We're constantly testing what we produce. With the major revamp and the introduction of new services, especially hosting, we'll be constantly adding, changing, and removing features.

Public E-Mail

In the near future, after you register with ShadowICT you will be issued an e-mail address No real reason, but why not?

ShadowICT Cloud

Still in beta stages, ShadowICT will be releasing a cloud service. We were skeptical with cloud storage from the beginning, so we've taken our own stab at it.

Security in mind

All ShadowICT Services are secured with the latest encryption methods, as well as privacy and secrecy extensions.